Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"I Want...." Wednesdays

There is a book by SARK called Inspiration Sandwich.

In one chapter she wrote:

“I want to see a baby buffalo. I want red rubber rainboots. I want to eat butterscotch pudding at midnight.”
And it inspired me to create "I want...." Wednesdays.


1. On Wednesday, check the blog for that weeks, "What do you want...." question.

2. Go to your blog and answer the question. It can be a list of the things you want. Or it can be ONE thing you want, or it can be either of the above followed by an explanation of why you want it.

2. Link back to "I Want..." Wednesday in your post. You can use one of our buttons or make your own link.

3. Visit the most recent entry on "I Want...." Wednesday and leave a comment, and a link to your "I Want...." post in the Mr. Linky.

4. Visit other participants and leave them good comments as well!


Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Would you consider changing your comment option to allow "all, so the name/url opens up for Wordpress.org users to participate?

Paula said...

This is my first post on I want Wednesday

Lisa said...

where's teh Mr. Linky?

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