Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"I Want...." Wednesday #10

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First I want THIS BOOK.

Its called Acrylic Revolution and is about how to get different effects with acrylic paints and other acrylic products. We sell it at work ,which I how I saw it, but I can’t afford to fork over $28 for a book right now cause we’re spending all our cash on rennovating.

Speaking of which….

I want to be able to paint without getting it all over me.

I’m currently covered from head to toe with paint. I’m sure hubby won’t be happy with the job I did either, but its HECK painting in the closet.

I want to be DONE with the house painting. Aside from me getting it all over myself it turns the hubby into a bigger poop head than usual. Plus, all my craft stuff is currently not in my craft room, it is in every other room of the house and I’m not able to work on anything.

I also want to get over this sinus infection already.

I feel like I have an alien chest buster, only its not in my chest, it wants to hatch out of my sinus cavities.

So, what do you want?


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