Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"I Want...." Wednesday #35

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It is Wednesday again, and I feel brain dead! I want someone to invent a pill to my my brain work when it doesn't want to.

This weeks question is:

What new type of pill do you want to be invented. Remember, its what you WANT, not what might actually be able to be created.

What do you want this week? Share it all.



Mine is up. :-)

Mom said...

I want a pill that can be used to get whatever I want at any given time.

When I want somebody to do something for me, I can slip them this pill.

When i want the house to get cleaned, I can take the super house cleaning pill.

When I want the kids to stop whining, I can give them the no-whine pill.

Yeah - a multipurpose, whatever I need it to be kind of pill.
That's what I want.

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