Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"I Want...." Wednesday #53

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Happy Wednesday!

It is day 6 of a LONG week for me. Work has been crazy. I've been tired and sore. Pregnancy+working retail is not a good combination! I WANT a job that will let me sit while I work. At least until after the baby is born. I also WANT to know what the ob/gyn is looking for in my pee that I have to give them every visit. Halloween is right around the corner! I WANT to be able to dress up at work like we used to, but thats not allowed anymore. I also WANT Halloween to be more like it was when I was a child, and people didn't have to be afraid for their children to go trick-or-treating.

This weeks question is:

What do you want to do dress up as and do for Halloween?

What do you want this week? Share it all.


Carielle said...

Great question! Happy Wednesday!

The Gal Herself said...

Oh, I hope you're feeling better!

bittersweet said...

sorry to hear about your work situation. hope you feel better now.

prashant said...

Happy Wednesday!

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